What can I say about Women’s Wonderful Wednesday? After an amazing day by our women in the Olympics, we are tied with the US and Germany with a total of 7 Gold Medals. Maybe it’s not too late to give up on Own the Podium?  And the domination of our Men’s Hockey team against Russia really was the icing on the cake.

Now I do realize that there are many other important things going on in the world, there is still a disaster in Haiti, we are still dealing with a recession and housing crisis and the winter weather is still playing havoc in the US and Canada – but isn’t it way more fun to enjoy the Olympics right now?  I think that more than anything, we all needed a feel-good story. 2009 was a very difficult year for so many people, especially my generation who had yet to live through a recession (almost depression) as adults. There has already been a change of energy in 2010, and you can feel that people are more optimistic and more open to taking a bit of risk and having more fun too!

I have to admit, I am really blessed to have a split schedule, so that I can watch some of the events in the afternoon when I’m not teaching that afternoon.  Yesterday, I found it hard to tear myself away from the computer (where I watch the games thanks to CTV) and even spent time watching tv at the mall in between clients! Anyone else having the same issues?

Just in case you missed it, or live under a rock, or aren’t as obsessed with Canada – here are the highlights from Wednesday Feb 24:

  • Women’s Bobsleigh Gold – Kaillie Humphres and Heather Moyse
  • Women’s Bobsleigh Silver – Shelly-Ann Brown and Helen Upperton
  • Women’s Long Track 5000 m – Clara Hughes
  • Women’s Short Track 3000m relay – Marianne St-Gelais, Tania Vicent, Jessica Gregg, Kalyna Roberge
  • Canada vs Russia – Men’s Hockey Quarter Final- 7 -3 Canada!

Clara Hughes is truly a phenomenal athlete.  She is the only athlete in the world to win multiple medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympics. What a way to end her Olympic career!

What is even more special is that we have many more true medal chances in the last few days of the games. Here are some of the highlights of what is coming up:

  • Women’s Hockey Gold Medal Game – Canada vs USA 6:30 pm EST
  • Curling Semi-Finals – Women’s vs Switzerland @ noon EST
  • Curling Semi-Finals – Men’s vs Sweden @ 5 pm EST
  • Joannie Rochette skates the long program in Women’s Figure Skating, 8 pm EST – She is currently 3rd
  • Men’s Aerials Finals – 3 Canadians competing at 9 pm EST
  • Friday night – Men’s Hockey Semi-Final Canada vs Slovakia (big upset here as well – Sweden is out) 9:30 EST
  • Short Track – there are events for both women and men on Friday, starting at 9 pm EST

Hope that helps you plan out the next two evenings. Time to get back to work! Don’t forget – next week is the Networking with Excellence and Integrity seminar, on March 4th.  Email info@julieboyer.com to confirm your spot.

Here’s to a Terrific Thursday for Canadian Olympians!

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