As the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games already start to fade from our memories, I have one more Olympic post before moving on to a new topic.  I simply call it:

My Top Ten Moments of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games

10. William Shatner telling us about Canadians knowing how to make love in a canoe.

9. Charles Hamelin wins the Gold medal and Marianne St. Gelais runs up to hug him – and he gives her bum a squeeze!

8. Clara Hughes winning the Bronze medal in the 5,000 m Long Track Speed Skating.

7. Marianne St. Gelais’s enthusiasm and wonderful smile! Especially her cheering when Charles was racing.

6. Floating beavers and moose in the closing ceremonies.

5. The display of patriotism across the country and a real feeling of national pride.

4. Jon Montgomery drinking from a pitcher of beer while walking through Whistler Village.

3. Joannie Rochette’s short program, only 2 days after her mother died.

2. The dozens of renditions of “I Believe” highlight reels – made me cry every time.

1. Sidney Crosby’s Gold Goal!

It’s back to the real world for now. It has been a pleasure sharing the Olympics with all of you! And I look forward to hearing about your Olympic moments!

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