This time of year is one of the fullest times for me in business, and this year with my 40th birthday coming up, it’s also full on the personal side as well. In order for me to complete what needs to be completed, and organize what needs to be organized, I’ve got to be the most productive as possible.

Gratitude Tip: Do you find that you have too much on your plate? And it’s all things that you ‘have’ to do yourself? Let’s start with gratitude for a full life! I am so happy and grateful that my life is full of wonderful people and activities. Then when we approach each tasks to be done, we are doing so from a place of gratitude rather than a negative feeling of I ‘have to’ do this.

Here are my best tips for being as productive as possible:

  1. Focus on one task at a time. Turn of your phone if you are working on writing or some other task that does not use your phone. Our brains operate most efficiently when we are working at one task at a time. One of the things I have caught myself doing in watching the iPad while preparing a meal. It always takes a few minutes longer to prepare it if I’m watching something.
  2. Create a list. If you’ve heard my nutrition seminar, you’ve heard me recommend that a to-do list has no more than 3 – 5 items on it. When you are feeling overwhelmed by the number of projects you have on the go, it’s sometimes best to write all of them down. Then you can prioritize.
  3. Prioritize your list. Start with the ones that have the earliest deadline. From that list, see which ones that you personally ‘have’ to do. If there is someone who can help out or take over a task, ask for help. Then break down the remaining tasks into chunks of work that take no more than 90 minutes to complete.
  4. Create space for 90 minute blocks of time in your schedule to get this work done. Eliminate distractions. If you work from home, close your door and let everyone know you need this time to focus. Really need quiet focus? Head to the quiet study area of your local library. Work better with background noise? Take your laptop to a coffee shop for the afternoon.
  5. Have a photo of what you are working towards in your visual field. Created a vision board? Make sure you can see it or a photo of it when you’re settling down to complete a task. Remind yourself why you’re doing what you do.
  6. Let go of things that are no longer serving you. Keep the ones that are critical for growth and relationships. For example, cut back on social media, television, Netflix etc. Keep the date nights with your partner and the time spent with your kids, even though you might have to cut it a bit shorter than usual. Remind them that it’s only for a short time and you’ll be back on track soon. And if the truth is that this is going to become the new normal – you have two choices: Be straight about how your time commitments will change, or make changes to what you are doing so that you don’t have to sacrifice your spouse or family indefinitely.

What are your tips for being productive? How do you get things done? Is this something that you struggle with? Let me know in a few days if these tips have been helpful.

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