One Month of My Year of Gratitude Complete!

Today marks 30 days since I started My Year of Gratitude, a Gratitude Project. It is true that it takes about 30 days to create a new habit. Every morning I look forward to sitting down and writing my blog post for the day. I have been sharing a live daily gratitude email with you for almost two years, but with those, I have to plan ahead and prepare a few weeks ahead of time to make sure that it’s scheduled and arrives in your inbox before you wake up. With this new format, I am able to write every day about what’s current and it also gives me a place to share a longer gratitude tip.

Gratitude Tip: It really does take 30 days to create a new habit. Choose a new habit to start today and stick to it without exception for the next 30 days and you’ll find you’ve created a new habit that may in fact replace a habit that is no longer serving you. My favorite new habit? Start a daily gratitude journal by writing down three things you are most grateful for before going to bed each night.


gratitude project, donation, julie boyer, live daily gratitudeIt’s also the day that our donations are being picked up by the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline program. I don’t think we’ve ever had this much stuff to donate at once, it’s usually a bag or two at a time. With all of our reducing and de-cluttering, we have more and more to donate and hopefully, someone else will get use from it or it will be repurposed. Our total: 8 garbage bags, 3 boxes and two appliances that no longer work.

Our garage is more spacious, that’s for sure! And this isn’t the end of the project, there are still a few places in our home that need some items reduced (kitchen cabinets for sure) so I look forward to having a few more bags ready for the next pick up.

I am seeing many people on FB who are reducing the amount of stuff in their lives and sharing blogs and books about minimizing and less consumerism.  It’s amazing to see. The key now is to continue to purchase less so that we don’t end up simply refilling the space we have freed. What have you done to create space this summer?

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