“If you fuel your journey on the opinions of others, you are going to run out of gas.”Opinions are truly a dime a dozen. You’ll notice that in many of my posts, I’ll mention that what I am sharing is simply my opinion, because in most cases, that’s all blogging is – sharing an opinion. There are times when I have research and facts to back up my opinion, but for the most part, my opinion is based on my own personal life experience and how I view the world. And when someone else shares their opinion, remember that it’s coming from their own life experience and their view of the world, which could be very different from yours.

Gratitude Tip: Unsolicited opinions from other people can sometimes be very hurtful. Especially when those opinions come from people that we love. How do we turn these situations around and find gratitude? Remind yourself that it is simply their world view on a topic and based on their experience alone. You can still have respect for someone’s opinion even though you may not agree with it. Find gratitude in your own strength to stand up for what you believe in and your passions in life. Be grateful that someone had the courage to share their opinion, even if it’s not supportive, as it gives you the opportunity to become stronger and more powerful in your beliefs. 

When we are successful, especially when we have quick success, there will often be people who choose to criticize and say negative things about our success or even about us personally. This stems from fear. That may sound strange but when we are criticized and cut down by those we love, it comes from a place of fear. Their fear is that we are going to outgrow them. When we achieve success in our lives, it is because we have overcome difficulties and grown as a person. Those who ‘knew us when’ may not be comfortable with the person we have become and so they decide to try anything possible to get us to come back to where they are.

Of course, we know that’s not possible. Once you’ve grown and faced challenges, and overcome them, you’re never the same person again. You may look around a few years into your success and realize that your circle of friends has shifted during this time. Success makes many people uncomfortable. You’ve probably heard this story before, I first heard it was from Darren Hardy, author of The Compound Effect. To catch ocean crabs, all you have to do is put a bit of crab bait in the bottom of an open trap. The first few crabs will enter the trap to eat the bait and the other crabs will follow, even after the bait is long gone. If a crab gets wise to the trap and realized there is no food left and tries to leave (remember, it’s an open trap) by climbing out the top, the other crabs will hold him down and keep him in the trap. If this crab continues to try to escape, the other crabs may even rip off his claw so that he can never climb out! A few hours later, the fisherman comes by and the trap is bursting with crabs.

That’s what happens in life. The majority of people are happy in mediocrity, and when you make a change toward being in the minority, it makes people very uncomfortable. They want you to stay where they are. They don’t like it that you are trying something new or different, it’s better when we all stay together here, huddled in the bottom of the trap. When you’re the one who’s seen the open ocean above, all you want to do is to get to a place where you can swim freely, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Last night I spent the evening in Waterloo with a group of our Holistic Lifestyle Creators and our guests. We shared two seminars, An Evening of Wealth, Wisdom and Wellness, followed by the Get Your Healthy Back nutrition seminar. And one thing we noticed is that being a part of our tribe, you are surrounded by people who want to lift you up out of the crab trap and help you to swim in the open ocean. We are a very positive group of people, who are super supportive and encouraging. It’s a wonderful feeling to have that kind of community. If you’re ready to swim in the open ocean and you’re looking for support, join us!

Today is the halfway point for the #40daysofgratitude challenge. It has been such a pleasure to see all of your post every day. I have seen how many of you have shifted your focus towards gratitude in such a short time. We’d love to have you join in for the second half of the challenge!

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