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Recent blog posts

Surviving A Life-Threatening Bacterial Infection

How I survived a life-threatening bacterial infection This is one of my favorite gratitude quotes. To wake up in the morning and simply say 'Thank you for this gift of another day to be AMAZING!'. Due to a very unfortunate set of circumstances over the first two weeks...

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A Few Reasons to Be Thankful

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. To me, it's the Gratitude New Year. It's easy for people to feel grateful and express gratitude during this time, so it's a chance to re-ignite our gratitude habits or even take our habits to a deeper and more powerful level....

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Here’s What I Think About School Lunches

First few weeks back at school and the social media world is all a-buzz about school lunches. In Canada, we have many restrictions about what may or may not be included in your children's lunchboxes. And it's causing a lot of controversy with parents and teachers...

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