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Hot Tips to Feel Amazing on the Long Weekend!

The first long weekend of the summer is HERE! Here are my top 7 tips to FEEL AMAZING all weekend long. One glass of water = one glass of alcohol Staying hydrated is super important to avoid headaches and hangovers! No one wants to wake up on day two of a long weekend...

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Gratitude, Does it Make a Difference?

We think it does! Please join us on Wednesday May 14th at 9pm EST for an exclusive webinar on how we can use gratitude both local and globally to make an impact. Join us for an exclusive webinar on the gratitude movement that's changing the...

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Saying Thank You

If you've read 30 Days of Gratitude, The Gratitude Program That Will Change Your Life, you may remember that there is a chapter about sending Thank-You cards for 30 days straight. I love this challenge as it puts you in the attitude of gratitude for 30 days straight,...

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