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Recent blog posts

Day 12 – Day Off at the Spa

Yesterday I took a real day off for the first time in AGES. I didn’t check in on any of my social media sites all day and I spent the day in Collingwood, at the Scandinave Spa. By the way, no one seems to notice if you don’t log in for a day or so. Feel free to take a...

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Day 11 – Food Tyrants and Our Messed Up Food System

One of my goals for the program was to do more self-care over the next 30 days, including changing my bedtime routine (no more iPad in bed) and going to the Scandinave Spa. I have also added more time to read, which is something I really love to do. I do read every...

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Day 10 – In the Groove for Spring

A beautiful sunny Friday here in the GTA! Finally it really feels like spring has arrived. The windows are open and a breeze is flowing through the house. Did you have a chance to open your windows today? Did you know that often the air in our homes is more toxic than...

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