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Recent blog posts

Day 22 – Fed Up! of Sugar, Sugar and more Sugar!

Turns out I may not be alone in my quest to rid my diet of sugar. We know that sugar is not healthy for us yet why does it continue to show up in so many of our foods today? It’s appalling if you ask me. This is one of the reasons I founded the 30 Day Whole Body...

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Day 21 – Earth Day! What’s Your Eco-Footprint?

Happy Earth Day! I remember celebrating the first Earth Day in Canada in 1990, while I was in high school. We participated in a demonstration at Queen’s Park. I remember very little about it but it made an impression on me and since then, I have always done my best to...

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Day 20 – Healthy Habits for Our Kids Too!

Two-thirds of the way through the program and I am confident that I will keep many of the habits I have created on the program so far. I am even more excited for the positive testimonials that have been shared on our Facebook page and in our group too! One thing that...

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