What’s on your ‘should do’ list?

should you do

What is on your ‘should do’ list? What is it that you are doing every day that is no longer serving you? This is a great question that was asked by Kate Northrup on the live Money Love webinar last night. Kate is the author of Money, A Love Story: Untangle Your Financial Woes and Create…

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Gratitude for Canadian Olympic Women

canadian olympic women

Only a few days in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and the Canadian Olympic Women have been dominating the medals so far. Seeing our women step up and on to the podium has been incredibly inspiring and powerful for all young women across the country. I am so grateful to see our women shine and…

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Why We All Need A Vacation

We All Need a Vacation

Why do we all need a vacation? Seems to me that it would be obvious to take all of our vacation however that’s not always the case. In Canada there is a mandate of 2 weeks paid vacation, plus an additional 5 days of Statutory Holidays as well, which means there is a lot of…

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Are You Enjoying the Journey?

sunset in Lake Country

As the summer rolls on, are you enjoying the journey just as much as the destination? We often get so focused on where we are going, that we forget to enjoy the journey along the way. Have you ever found yourself doing this? I know that sometimes when I am hyper-focused on a goal, it’s…

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It Takes Work To Build A Business

build a business

It takes work to build a business. Surprised? Having been in the network marketing profession for over a decade I am truly surprised when people have expectations to make money when they choose not to do revenue generating activities – or enough consistent work in order to create an income. Whether you are in network…

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