What Happens When We Make Mistakes?

make mistakes

You know that sinking feeling in your stomach when you realize you’ve made a mistake? That’s how I felt yesterday morning when I realized that for the past 7 days, my blog posts had not been going out to my subscribers. This happened the day after I completed My Year of Gratitude, A Daily Gratitude…

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Be The Light, Love and Joy In Someone Else’s Life Today

Be The Light, Love and Joy

Be the light, love and joy in someone else’s life today. There are always going to be people in our lives or our communities that are going through challenging times. Today I encourage you to be the one who makes a difference for them, in a small or big way. You never know how much…

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7 Ways to Feel Grateful In The Summer

7 Ways To Feel GratefulThis Summer

Summer already seems to be flying by so quickly! And before you know it, the kids will be back in school and we will all be back to our regular routines. It can be so easier to give up our gratitude habits when we’re on vacation or have a different daily schedule. Today’s post will…

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Are You Ready for Change?

Why Change Can Be a Blessing

You may have noticed that things are changing on JulieBoyer.com. After working with a ‘broken’ website for over a year, I finally found someone who was able to fix it. I am working with Dr. Hector Guerrero, CEO of Influx Entrepreneur, and we are in the process of making changes so I ask that you please…

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We Are Still Fed Up! About Sugar

We Are Still Fed Up About Sugar!

Have you watched Fed Up, It’s Time To Get Real About Food? Released in 2014, I saw it when it first came out however it’s now on Netflix in Canada so I watched it again last night. It’s a well put together documentary about the devastating effects of sugar on American waistlines and the massive…

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