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Recent blog posts

Gary Vaynerchuk on Creating Value for Others

In business and in life, make sure you are creating value for others FIRST. This is the key lesson from the master, Gary Vaynerchuk. Being in business for over eleven years, I have invested tens of thousands of dollar on personal and business development, which...

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How Climbing Mountains Helped Me Overcome Fear

The first time I ever climbed a mountain, I was terrified when I started. However, within a few hours, I learned how climbing mountains helped me overcome fear in so many ways. Climbing a mountain is a great metaphor for the journey of life. As this time of year is...

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It’s Time to Stop Chasing Money

When our decisions are based on how much we are going to get paid, or what our earning potential is, we are focused on chasing money. I've made this mistake myself, both as an employee and an entrepreneur. Does anyone else relate to this? I think it's time we all stop...

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