Thanksgiving is Over, Now What?

thanksgiving is over

This past weekend was the Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada. And my Facebook timeline was covered in beautiful messages of gratitude and thanks all weekend long. It’s awesome. However, how quickly does the feeling of gratitude wear off once the holiday has ended? Perhaps it lasts a little bit longer since our neighbors to…

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A Thanksgiving Poem

thanksgiving poem

As we move into Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, more and more people are sharing an attitude of gratitude. It’s my favorite time of the year and it stretches for almost two months until after American Thanksgiving. There is always so much to give thanks for and my vision is that by sharing these gratitude…

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How Are You Investing Your Time?

investing your time

Take a closer look at this blog title – how are you INVESTING your time? Most often, we talk about how we are SPENDING our time as opposed to making an investment. When we shift from spending to investing, it changes our perspective around time. Wouldn’t you rather invest your time in yourself, your family,…

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Are You An Abundant Thinker?

abundant thinker

Are you an abundant thinker? Are your thoughts more focused on wealth or scarcity? Do you worry about money or focus on how to manifest everything you have ever dreamed of? For the majority of people, their focus is on lack, worry and scarcity. It usually takes years of personal development to create an abundance…

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Lessons Learned from Robin Sharma

leadership lessons

The very first speaker we heard from at the Archangel Summit last week was Robin Sharma. He is the author of one of my favorite books of all time, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I actually studied this book and have read it several times – I even have notes in one of my…

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