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Why Is It So Hard to Forgive Others?

Where in your life is a lack of forgiveness holding you back? Forgiveness can be a difficult gift to give. Why is it so hard to forgive others? What I’ve found is that when we realize that forgiveness is not about the other person, it becomes easier to forgive....

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Why Is It Important To Teach Our Kids Affirmations?

How many of you have tried to use affirmations before? For me, it's been something that has had a positive affect on my life - when I am committed to doing them on a regular basis. What about our kids? Why is it important to teach our kids affirmations? I wonder how...

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Has the Term Being of Service Become Redundant?

Have you ever decided on a word of the year? In 2016, I chose Service as my word of the year. And for the next 12 months, I focused on how I could become a better servant leader and be of service to my clients, team members, family and friends.  Now is seems like...

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