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6 Grateful Ways to Deal With Life’s Challenges

Even when we wake up with gratitude every day, there are always challenges that come up. It’s the way in which we choose to deal with these challenges that determines the outcome. What I’ve learned over the years is that there are many ways to deal with life’s...

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What is Your Word of The Year For 2018?

Word of the year for 2018 Do you choose a word or a theme of the year? For the past several years, I have chosen a different word to represent something that I want to focus on. Two years ago, I chose Service and last year my word of the year was Mindful. I’ve decided...

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What is the True Meaning of Christmas?

For the first time ever, my daughter experience Christmas with my entire family. We have just recently moved to British Columbia and had the amazing opportunity to share the holidays with my family. My sister and her husband live thirty minutes from us, and they have...

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