How To Be Grateful on Vacation

grateful on vacation

It would seem obvious that gratitude would be a part of any vacation, right? However I find that sometimes, it can be a challenge to be grateful on vacation when we are out of our routine and our daily habits have changed. Perhaps because I am such a creature of habit, I find it a…

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Are Dreams Real?

Are Dreams Real-

Our brain is so incredibly powerful, however it doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. This is why it is possible to create your life, your way, every single day. Most of us go through life simply reacting to what happens around us – good or bad we feel as…

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Life Is Precious

life is precious

Do you wake up every morning and give thanks for the gift of another day? Life is so very short and so very precious, are you approaching every day with gratitude? Are you making the best of the moments you have with your family and friends? Do those around you know how much you love…

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Are You Wealthylicious?

wealthylicious burlington

Are you Wealthylicious? Last night we hosted our favorite event here in Burlington, Wealthylicious. This very special event focuses on Women, Wealth, Wisdom and Wellness and is only shared twice a year. Wealthylicious was created by Leanne Jacobs, author of the upcoming book Beautiful Money (and current Beautiful Money podcast) over 7 years ago, and…

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A Recipe for Simple Daily Gratitude

daily gratitude, give thanks, grateful

A Recipe for Simple Gratitude – By Julie Boyer Ingredients for a grateful day: Wake up and give thanks, You’ve been given the gift of another day. Give thanks for the roof over your head, Many slept without cover. Give thanks for the food in your belly, Many bellies were empty. Give thanks for the…

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