Hello, I’m Julie! I dream of a world where everyone wakes up with gratitude. Are you ready to start right now?



Do you want to create daily, lifelong gratitude practices?



Do you want to be a grateful leader and inspire others in a big way?



Do you want to express gratitude for your body and improve your health?

Recent blog posts

The Story Of Our Lives, A Poem

The Story of Our Lives - A poem by Julie Boyer What would you write if you had to tell the story of your life? We all have a story, a beginning and someday, an end And everything that happens in between   There is a quiet here, a reflective lack of sound, As...

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How Important Is It To Be Aligned With Your Brand?

How does if feel when you are not aligned with your brand? For years I've been feeling this way about my site, and I'm so excited to announce that today's the day! After many months of work, Wake Up With Gratitude™ is finally LIVE!! My site has needed a fresh new look...

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