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Why Do We Need a Solid Foundation of Gratitude?

There are always going to be times in our lives when things don’t go as planned.  And this is why we need a solid foundation of gratitude. Having our foundation on gratitude allows us to get through our challenges more easily. This sounds a lot easier said than done!...

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What Are The Benefits of Self-Care?

Our number one priority has to be self-care. It’s time to stop ignoring the topic of self-care. You've heard this analogy before: when you're on a plane and the oxygen masks drops, place your own mask on before you help someone else. You can't help anyone if you're...

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What Are the Ingredients For A Grateful Day?

A Recipe for Simple Daily Gratitude - By Julie Boyer Ingredients for a grateful day: Wake up with gratitude, You’ve been given the gift of another day. Give thanks for the roof over your head, Many slept without cover. Give thanks for the food in your belly, Many...

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