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Recent blog posts

7 Signs You’re Secretly Addicted to Sugar

Over the past 8 years, I have taken a personal journey toward being in the best health possible, and have shared what I have learned with thousands of others. My biggest secret? All this time, I was still addicted to sugar and I didn't even know it, until as of April...

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How To Attract Your Perfect Partner

One of the questions I am often asked is; how did you and Dan meet? And it’s a story that I love to share because I intentionally put into practice some simple techniques to attract my perfect partner. If you are still searching, I’ll teach you how to attract your...

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7 Healthy Tips to Make This Long Weekend Your Best Ever!

In Canada, the long weekend in May is called May 2-4. Even though it doesn't always include the 24th. It's actually to celebrate Victoria Day (for Queen Victoria) and it's the first warm weather long weekend of 2017. Here are my top 7 healthy tips to make this long...

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