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Recent blog posts

Who is Truly Responsible for Our Actions?

I am responsible for my own actions. That's all. I am not responsible for what others might say or do, not at any time or in any situation. What if we all decided to be 100% responsible for our actions right now? What actions could we start or stop doing in order to...

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Facing Challenges in Business and Life

We have an express in French, 'Un mal pour un bien,' which basically means something bad for something good. It's a simple philosophy that often applies in our lives and we are most able to see it when we look back in hindsight. This morning I received this Note from...

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It’s All About Love!

Happy Valentine's Day! There are lots of reasons to celebrate love every day, no need for a commercial holiday. In the spirit of this day, here are some fun ways to show someone you love them, any day of the year! 1.Do something without being asked to. It could be as...

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