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How To Start Writing in a Gratitude Journal

One of the most effective activities to create an attitude of gratitude is to write in a gratitude journal. The challenge for many people is not knowing where to start, or simply starting but not creating a new habit. I started consistently writing in my gratitude...

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What is There To Be Grateful For In British Columbia?

Seven years ago, my sister moved out to British Columbia. And just over a year ago, my parents joined her by moving to the Okanagan region. Every summer for the past three years, our family has been going out for a visit. And every time we visit, we fall more and more...

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It’s Summertime! How Do You Build Momentum in Business?

Summer is one of the most challenging times for business owners. With the exception of seasonal businesses, many businesses struggle during the summer months. July and August are typically vacation times for families - how do you build momentum in business during the...

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