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Recent blog posts

Today Is A Very Special Anniversary

Eleven years ago today, I said YES to an opportunity that would forever change my path in life. Eleven years ago today, without knowing anything about network marketing (didn't even know that term!), I joined 'one of those pyramid things'. Eleven years ago today, I...

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Staying Grateful on Vacation

We've all had those moments where our vacation doesn't go as planned. And you feel frustrated, tired and maybe a little bit angry that things aren't working out as you had expected. So what strategies could we use to get back to gratitude when the sh*t hits the fan?...

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Our Magical Trip to Disney World (Incl. Tips & Tricks)

Have you been to Disney World? It's easy to see why it's the Happiest Place on Earth after spending 4 days visiting each of the parks. We loved our experience and are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to have been able to experience it as a family. This blog...

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