Make The Most of The Rest of 2016

It can be easy to decide to coast through the last few months of the year, especially here in Canada as the days are getting colder and longer. I’d like to inspire you to make the most of the rest of 2016 by finishing the year with your best two months of the year! You…

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What is Your Health Philosophy?

What is your health philosophy? Is it something that you’ve thought about? Are the choices you make on a daily basis aligned with your health philosophy? Or are they steering you towards illness and disease? In this post, I’ll share some of my own health philosophies and you may find that you are already focusing…

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Are You Ready to Fail Forward?

fail forward

How many of you have read the book Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success by John C. Maxwell? Of all the books Maxwell has written, this is one of my absolute favorites. We have a misguided perception in our society that mistakes or failing to reach our goals is a negative thing.…

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How Far Out Of Your Comfort Zone Are You Willing To Go?

how far out of your comfort zone

How far out of your comfort zone are you willing to go to reach your dreams and achieve success? Is fear what keeps you from stepping beyond your zone of comfort? Are you focused on growth or the status quo? Would you like your life to be different one year from now? If the answer…

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Be Happy Now, While Reaching For Your Dreams

be happy now

Be happy now. That’s one of the foundations for creating an incredible life. We know that it’s not going to work if we decide that we’re only going to be happy when we achieve our goals, when we buy the car, when we move into our home – it’s the other way around. Be happy…

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