Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Happy International Women’s Day! More than just a day to celebrate women, did you know that there is a theme for the 2016 International Women’s Day? Gender parity is still an estimated 117 years away according to the IWD website. Will you join me in a #pledgeforparity?

Gratitude Tip: We are all human beings. Men or women, black, white, brown, olive, transgender, cross-dresser, gay or straight – we are all an amazing miracle of life. None superior to the other. Underneath our outer layer, we are all skin, bones, blood, sweat and tears. So how is it that in 2016 we are still paying men more than women for the same role? First we can start with gratitude with how far we’ve come in the past century. And together, we can look forward to accelerating closing the gap in our lifetime.


I find it hard to believe when I read about the wide gender gap that still exists today. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg shares a lot of insight on this. It is partly because of the lost time for many women when they choose to have children, and this time away from the workplace makes it harder for them to continue accelerating their career path. And when a women who has just had a child rushes back to work after having a child, we are quick to judge them for choosing their career over being a parent.

women home based businessTen years ago I made the decision to drop out of school (I was studying to be a teacher) for a career in network marketing (nwm). As a women, there are some really wonderful advantages to choosing a home based business in nwm or direct sales. We are paid the same as men. Period. The compensation is the same for everyone and we all start a zero, there are no advantages given to those who have more education or more experience. We are paid on our efforts and the efforts of our team. We can work from home, or anywhere we choose too. Although we do not have a government income while we are on maternity leave, if we have built a solid business before we have children, we will continue to receive a residual income while we take time off to be with our children. And then we also have the choice to continue to build a business from home or perhaps return to a career, using our residual income to pay for daycare expenses for example.

I love working with women before they have a family and helping them to create a part-time (or full-time) residual income on the side of their current job or business because it will give them the luxury of choice when their children are born. The choice of whether or not to go back to work, based on what is best for YOUR family and not because of financial obligations. And we’ve seen it many times, a nwm income can also allow for a father to stay home with their children, something that is still very much a minority (although a growing one). So you have a mom who is a building a 6-figure business in her yoga pants, from home and a dad who is also home and present for his children. This may not be the best decision for every family, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have the CHOICE?

On this International Women’s Day, spend a few moments thinking about the amazing women you know, and all of the women who are struggling with serious poverty, lack of education and access to basic human needs such a water. Together, let’s create a new world where women are treated as equal citizens in every country across the globe. Do you think that this is possible in our lifetime?

It’s Day 39 of the #40daysofgratitude challenge. I’m grateful to be a woman today. And grateful for what we can be, do and have in 2016 as women.

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