Why Is Pokémon Go GREAT-What does Pokémon Go have to do with gratitude and why do I think it’s great for our world? Good question. First, let’s review what Pokémon Go is. This new game (released by Nintendo) is what is called AR (augmented reality). Basically, when you install the game (currently only available in 4 countries) your real world and the Pokémon world are integrated. And as you WALK around, different Pokémon (mythical monsters) appear via your phone’s camera and you ‘catch them’ by ‘throwing’ a Pokéball (monster trap). If you’ve never seen the show, you have no idea what I’m talking about and you may think it all sounds crazy and that we’re all nuts for playing the game (some a little bit more that others), however I’m going to share my personal perspective on why I think it’s great.

1.It forces people to exercise. Yes, there are some ways around that but those are dangerous and not recommended. The point is that like in the virtual Pokémon world, where the trainers walk around and catch the wild Pokémon, same concept here. The game doesn’t let you catch them while driving (which would be dangerous) however people are still trying to do this. Which I don’t recommend. Get outside, go for a walk or a scooter or rollerblade to catch your Pokémon.

2. It creates an instant connection between strangers. You will see a stranger with their phone, searching for Pokémon and you connect immediately – did you find that Kingler? Where is the Pokéstop? By the way, it’s like speaking a different language so don’t worry if you’re not following the conversation just yet. Many people have trouble even saying hello to someone they don’t know. Now it’s much easier and there is common ground – doesn’t matter whether you’re black, white, green, yellow or purple – the game is bringing people together.

3. It’s a bit of nostalgia for those who grew up with Pokémon. I am a bit old to have grown up with it, however our daughter fell in love with the show a few years ago and we watched a LOT of Pokémon on Netflix. Not sure what’s there now, however we were able to watch many seasons and movies. She knows all of the characters and even has her own deck of Pokémon cards. And it’s also pretty amazing that the designers have been able to bring the Pokémon world to life. Pokémon is already a global phenomenon and this game has the potential to pass Twitter in the number of daily active users – this is with a release in only 4 countries (not in Canada yet, however there are ways around that and many, many people have found it).

4. It’s fun and exciting! And instead of isolating and separating people, it’s bringing people together and getting them outside. From my perspective, this is something to be grateful for. In a time where our world seems more and more divided, why not have a video game that brings people together. And it’s a game that you can play with your kids. It’s relatively peaceful (except for the gym battles, but that’s another story and they aren’t actually violent) and encourages team work too.

There will always be room for complaining and there are people who are taking the game to extremes and making poor choices. However from my perspective, once the initial hype wears off, I believe it will be a great, fun gaming option that encourages movement, connection and friendly competition between friends & strangers. So the question is, have you tried it yet?

Here’s something you might not know about me. I’m a gamer. I love board games, card games and yes, video games. I have since I was very young, but I’ve always been reluctant to admit it. I always have a game of some kind on the go and it’s my way of relaxing and stress relief. And I married a gamer – that’s no secret! Ironically, when I wrote out my description of my perfect partner, I wrote, ‘loves to play games’ – since I wasn’t specific enough, I attracted Dan, who has been a PC gamer since he was a teenager.

The funny thing is that sometimes I get frustrated when Dan is playing his games in the evening and I am working – and it’s probably because I’d like to spend a bit more time playing too. I make choices to limit my game play in order to create success in my business and my life. And I have a balance that works for me. When I downloaded Pokémon Go, I knew I would be spending some time on it, so I have adjusted my other leisure activities to make some time for it. And since I’m already walking for exercise, it’s the perfect game for me. So, can you be successful in business and love video games? The short answer is YES. It’s all about priorities and our daily habits. So if you are a gamer, what are the priorities in your life?

It’s Day 4 of the 21 Day Meditation Challenge. There has never been a better time to do a global meditation experience. Will you join us? http://bit.ly/1d3DwT3

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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