Not everyone has a great reaction when starting a detox program.  I asked our registered holistic nutritionist, Laura Townsend to provide some of the potential “uncomfortable” side effects of a detox, that some people may be (or have been) experiencing.

Natural symptoms of detoxification

• Skin breakouts

• Bloating, stomach pains

• Headaches

• Food cravings

• Trouble sleeping, nightmares

• Diarrhea and constipation

• Fatigue, drowsiness, low energy levels

• Irritability

• Congestion, mucus or cold like symptoms

*Not everyone experiences these symptoms


These symptoms are OK! Your body is going through a natural detoxification process; it’s in a state of shock it’s in withdrawal. For years you have been ingesting chemicals, additives, sodium, sugar, processed fats, caffeine etc. etc. they have become almost “drug like” to your body. Now, without these anti-nutrients in your diet that have been throwing your body’s biochemistry off balance you are incorporating natural, healthy foods as well as supplementation that will replenish your nutrient stores and help to rebalance your body’s physiology.

When you eliminate or reduce intake of certain foods your body breaks down and eliminates toxins. With additional toxins moving throughout your body you may experience cold or flu like symptoms.

Be patient as these unpleasant symptoms will pass! Focus on all of the fabulous benefits a clean, healthy diet will provide you and all of the happy and healthy years you have to enjoy!

Thanks Laura for sharing this with us – perhaps I should have posted this 28 days ago :-).  There is still lots of activity going on on our Facebook page for the 28 Day Total Body Detox, check in and join the group if you like.

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