Success! I was able to stay off of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest) for over 5 days. I wanted it to last more than just a weekend to see what it would be like during the work week as well. Full disclosure, I was away in Vancouver during this social media break, spending time with my family on vacation. This made it easier to take a break. I also deleted all of my apps from my phone and iPad, and left my laptop at home.

Here are some of my key observations:

The Good

  • Being present with my family, almost all of the time
  • Only keeping up with email (when I chose), rather than four or five different platforms
  • Reduced level of stress as I had made a decision to really step away for five days

 The Great

  • Taking pictures just to take pictures, instead of only to share what I am doing in real time
  • No fear of missing out, or checking my phone every few minutes
  • Giving myself space and permission to relax, let go and let life flow
  • Feeling rejuvenated and inspired in my business, my writing and my life as a mom, wife, friend, sister, daughter…

 The Not-so-great

  • Feeling disconnected with my team and my business, as we communicate on Facebook daily
  • Lack of a platform to share my message of daily gratitude, with the exception of the live daily gratitude messages which are automated
  • There were times when I did want to share something fun and interesting, but without the apps, I wasn’t even able to cheat!

Whether or not you decide to take as big of a break as I did, I highly recommend a social media break this month. A few suggestions:

  • If you’re celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, why not abstain for three days? Delete your apps to stay complaint.
  • Three days too long? How about simply turning your phone off during your family get together? For a few hours, simply be present with the people who are physically in front of you. Instagram your turkey once you get home.
  • Or why not simply turn off your phone, laptop and tablet a half hour before you go to sleep for the next week? At least give your subconscious a break.

Remember that gratitude is what grounds us in the present, so when the urge comes to check your phone or tablet this coming weekend, think about something you are grateful for. And then bring your attention back to the present.

 julie boyer quote 1Looking forward to hearing from you after this long weekend about your mini social media break!!

P.s. This was all written before I checked in on social media…I wonder how many notifications I have? Wonder if anyone noticed, lol?


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