love for orlandoToday we begin our 40 Days of Prayer Challenge. After the tragedies in Orlando this past weekend, it’s the perfect time to start praying. Praying is something that everyone can do, whether or not you have faith in God. In order for our world to change, we have to change. Your energy and reaction to what happened will affect others near and far. Are you praying for peace, equality and understanding?

Gratitude Tip: There is no gratitude in mass tragedy. Certainly many of the survivors will be grateful to be alive but on the other hand, many will deal with survivor’s guilt – why was I spared and my friends were not? For those of us who are more removed from the situation, we may feel gratitude that our own community was not affected or that we feel safe living in Canada where this type of tragedy is uncommon. However you are feeling about the events, focus as much as possible on sending love and peace to those affected. 

What happened is a terrible tragedy. And with news travelling so rapidly these days, it may seem as though our world is more and more violent – however according to Peter Diamandis, author of Abundance and Bold, we are living in the most peaceful time in human history. Our connected lives may make it seems like it’s a violent time because even if you don’t watch the news, our social media feed is filled with local and international news as soon as it happens. Yet in the grand scheme of things, we are living in peaceful time. Our prayer for peace help to shift the globe energy towards an even more peaceful time.

My daughter is almost 6 years old. I wonder, will she grow up to a world where equality is a reality? Equal pay for equal work is still not a reality here in Canada, with the average wage gap being 72 cents per dollar – meaning that women on average earn 72 cents for the same work as a man earns a dollar. One exception is Direct Sales, where men and women are paid equally and it’s profession dominated by women, where 77% of those involved in direct sales are women. And what about equality for the LGBTQ community? Canada is one of the most advanced countries when it come to rights for the LGBTQ community. And with our Prime Minster raising the Pride flag in Ottawa for the first time in Canadian history on June 1st, 2016, he is leading the way for equality – he is also set to be the first Prime Minister to march in the Pride Parade in Toronto.

Do I think equality is possible? Yes. Will my daughter see it in her lifetime? Perhaps in Canada and some other more accepting countries worldwide. As for our neighbors to the south, it would be absolutely phenomenal to see similar actions in their government, however I’m not entirely sure we’ll see that in the next few lifetimes. I pray that this is possible.

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