It’s that time of year again! I’m ready to get going on the 28 Day Total Body Detox. I was out of tow this weekend and wasn’t home early enough to shop on Sunday which is easiest. I could have used it as an excuse to start next week – but I made the time today and am so excited to start tomorrow! I’ll share my grocery photos with you. You receive a grocery list as a part of the program, how easy is that?? If you missed our live event, please join me and Laura Townsend, RHN who helped put together this incredible program Tuesday April 23rd, 9 pm EST for a 30 minute webinar and program overview. Click here 5 min before and enter as a guest. You’ll be able to ask questions too!

Fortinos This first photo on the left is from Fortino’s – our usual grocery store. They have an incredibly organic section so I only had to visit the health food store for a few items. It’s so green!!





This second photo is from Goodness Me! the beautiful health food store around the corner from me. I like shopping here but find I cannot get everything I need for the week, so this is my secondary (and emergency) grocery store.

Goodness Me






And finally, a trip to Costco. There are many great organic and gluten-free products at Costco for a great price.

To935376_10152800832605235_660016089_nmorrow I will be starting the 28 Day TBD and sharing my goals for the program with you. If you’re joining us – think about what your personal goals might be for the 28 Days.  I am committed to blogging daily during the program again this year!

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