Seems like ages since I’ve taken the time to connect with all of you on my blog! Much has been happening these past few weeks, not only in our personal lives but of course with the tragedy that just happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. I have been avoiding mainstream media on this topic, but have seen many beautiful tributes to those lives lost on Facebook. Although I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, as a parent of a young child, I have a very hard time understand this.  How have you and your family chosen to deal with this?

On to more cheerful topics :-). I love this time of year – and not for the reasons you might think, in fact the holidays can be very stressful for most people when it comes to family get-togethers, shopping malls, etc. – what I’m talking about is a chance to review the year that has past and start to create amazing plans for 2013. I’ve just been working on the program guide for my new program launching in January – Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet! The session for Jan 2, 2013 is already over-booked. I will be running one or two more sessions in January, based on registration as space is very limited.  Stay tuned for details and comment below if you’d be interested in one of the next sessions.  Tentative dates, Wed Jan 9th or 16th from 1 – 4 pm.

Here is a fun activity you can do to review your year! Write out 12 business or career successes and 12 personal successes for 2012. Having trouble? Go back through each month of the year and see if you can think of something by month! Here’s my business list:

  1. Earned and attended the Gold Retreat near Park City UT with other top leaders in my business.
  2. My first opportunity to speak in front of a crowd of over 800 people in Toronto in February with The Golden Girls
  3. Celebrated with my leaders as they achieved different levels in their businesses
  4. Earned a spot in the Top 25 Growth in North America for 2011-2012 and was rewarded with a trip for 2 to Punta Cana
  5. Recorded my first training track and was featured on Lifemasters, a monthly training CD for our business
  6. Shared a training stage with one of my favorite business associates, Pat Birnie, at the 2012 International Convention in Salt Lake City UT and (hopefully) inspired 1000s to prospect without fear
  7. Created and successfully launched the 28 Day Total Body Detox with many partners including Laura Townsend, Cherlynn Moore and Sara Martel (stay tuned this one will be back in the Spring 2013)
  8. Our family picture is now in the Health and Freedom Newspaper – slightly embarrassing but we’re in good company with many other top leaders from Canada.
  9. I came within 15% of my income goal, which was more than double the previous year
  10. Was chosen to be a part of the mentorship team, The Power of 11, a team of experienced mentors supporting other associates across Canada

That was fun!! Took me a bit longer than expected. Sometimes the hardest thing for us to do is to recognize our own successes. I challenge you to SHARE your list (either business or personal) in the comments below. Let’s celebrate what YOU accomplished this year!!! Cause I’m sure it’s amazing. banner1


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