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30 Days to Optimal Health – Program Testimonials

Live coaching program started in May 2011.

“I lost a total of 4.2 pounds and an inch from my waist and an inch from my hips (after the 5 Day Reset).  Fantastic!  Thank you so much for introducing me to this program, I am excited and feel different about food choices that I will make for myself and my family….I thought I knew a lot about food….but feel like I am learning so much more!”

Sara, mom of a 6 month old little boy


“I started USANA on Monday June 6 2011, my first day was easy I had a mild headache but off to bed I went and I was ok on day 2. The rest of the week was ok; I had to get a little creative for the Vanilla shakes. Once I mastered a good combo of the Vanilla it was an ok meal, followed by an apple.
I felt great most of the week, my sleeps were solid. I now understand why they say to walk 30min each day, when I did my spinning class it was seriously like a walk in the park, I felt stronger than ever and I could most likely spin for hours (or at least that’s how I felt).  After week 1 – 5 days RESET – I am stronger and have lost 5.8 lbs.”

Diana, mom of 4 and mompreneur at


“I am on my last week and I have really enjoyed the program.  My appetite has greatly decreased over the past five weeks and I have completely lost all cravings for bread or crackers or pasta.  Both the shakes and bars are really really delicious and it was the easiest program to follow.  Thank you so much Julie for your support and introducting the USANA program to my husband and I!!

As well, Alex has lost 9 pounds and he is continuing to lose weight…I can’t wait to see how he does by the end of August!!!”

Michelle, mom of an 8 month old little boy (Husband Alex)

“After I gave birth to my daughter in Sept 2010, I did lose some of the 45 lb I had put on, but was really struggling with the last 15 lb.  The 5 Day Reset program kick started my weight loss dramatically and I’m already fitting back in to my summer clothes. Not only that, I have kicked the carb cravings, stopped drinking soda and feel amazing about my body for the first time since giving birth.”

Julie, 30 Days to Optimal Health Program Director, mom of a 9 month old little girl.


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