Pumpkins and Gratitude?


pumpkins, daily gratitude project, julie boyerHow are these two topics related? This past weekend we prepared for Halloween by carving our pumpkins. To be precise, my husband and 5 year old daughter carved the pumpkins, I cleaned and roasted the seeds. You see, I don’t really like carving pumpkins. But I like the final effect, so I participate in the process with the hopes that my husband will offer to carve mine for me.

Gratitude Tip: Pumpkin carving and gratitude don’t seem to fit together. For me, I found gratitude in spending time with my family, making a healthy & tasty snack and seeing how proud my hubby was of his final carvings. This is a great strategy to use when you’re doing a task or activity that isn’t your favorite. There are many times when we find ourselves doing things we would prefer not to, often for our kids, and finding gratitude in the process may help to get through it with a smile on our faces.

I have noticed many 30 Days of Gratitude Challenges have either started or are starting in the next few days. My friend Stacey Grewal is the founder of National Gratitude Month in November (she even has the certificate!) and she’s launching a 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge on Nov 1st. I realize that one of the reasons I see more about gratitude is because of my own daily gratitude practice which allows me to ‘see’ more about gratitude every where.

It doesn’t matter whether you join an official 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge or not, what is more important is that every you’re simply waking up to give thanks for another day. That’s the beginning of a lifelong focus on gratitude that will help you when the dark days come. How has your gratitude practice changed or grown since you’ve been reading the blog or receiving the daily gratitude emails? How does your life look different today?

Looking for your own 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge? Simply pick something from the list on this post and start today, for 30 days. Use the #30daysofgratitude when posting on social media for the challenge! For those who started after Thanskgiving, it’s Day 14.

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