Happy New Year everyone!  Today is a great day to update your goals for 2011. I’ve made this process even easier with this simple Goal Worksheet for 2011 and beyond.

Before we get to the goals for 2011, here’ s a quick review of 2010 goals that were accomplished. I used a different form last year, which also included some dates in the next 2-5 years.  In 2010, I was able to complete the following goals from my goal sheet:

  • Completed the Toastmasters Competent Communicator Manual
  • Was recognized at the Division Level for the Toastmasters Evaluation Contest
  • Built new relationships through social media and everyday meetings – Gelato Mommies!
  • To be pregnant by the end of the year – not only that, she was born in September
  • Attended all Agel A-Team events, only missed Agel World as Céline was born 3 days after the event

Sure, there were many other goals on the sheet that did not get accomplished, but I think it’s important to focus on the goals that were achieved, rather than the ones that were not.  How about you? How did 2010 finish for you?

If 2010 didn’t exactly pan out as you had planned, then perhaps you’ll need to perform a Burning Bowl ceremony as suggested by one of my mentors, Randy Gage.

Randy Gage, MLM & Prosperity Guru, explains how to use the Burning Bowl Ceremony in order to get rid of negative baggage that may be holding you back, so that you can start attracting the things your desire!

There are a number of emotions, feelings and actions that aren’t serving me well anymore, so I plan to do this ceremony on the weekend, in my BBQ! Anyone else who is in the area and wants to participate, let me know.  We can make an evening out of it.

Next post I will be sharing some of my key goals from the 2011 and beyond worksheet.  And hopefully by then, you’ll have had time to complete it yourself so that you can share some of your goals with us too!

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