This post from Being Minimalist really caught my attention and also started a great conversation on my Facebook feed: Don’t Just Declutter, De-Own.

There is movement in our society to own less stuff, move to smaller (even tiny!) homes and to only hang on to the items that bring us joy. Most recently we have seen this in the book by Marie Kondo, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying-Up. In our home, there has always been a rule that if you get a new piece of clothing, another one has to leave. We are great customers for the Canadian Diabetes Association, somehow every time they call, I have another bag to donate. When we had a friend move in with us for a month in May, I did a lot of purging and donating to give her some space to live. Now that we are planning to take a sabbatical in France in Sept 2016 for a year, we are working on reducing as much as possible to make it easier to do a home-exchange.

Gratitude tip:  A great way to be grateful for what you already have it to reduce and de-clutter, keeping only the items that bring you joy or that you have an immediate use for (at least once a year, for example your Christmas decorations). You may also increase your income this way by selling things on Kijiji or Craigslist. More abundance flowing your way!


We all know how good it feels to reduce clutter and properly organize the stuff we do keep. What keeps us from doing it? Usually it’s not a priority, and it’s easy to put it on the bottom of the weekend chores list. Most professional organizers will tell you that doing small chunks at a time (1-2 hours) can still be very productive and get you on the right track. I challenge you to spend a bit of time of decluttering this summer and also to make a commitment to buy less stuff in general. There are so many ways to create joy in our lives and chances are, not all of these ways involve buying more stuff.


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