SetYour IntentionIt’s the eve of the long weekend for Canadians, and our friends south of the border will be getting Monday off as well. Have you set your intention for this weekend? How will you make the most of this 3 or 4 days long weekend?

Gratitude Tip: Time tends to fly when we’ve been giving some extra time off. How can we make the most of our time off? By taking a few moments to plan our time off and receive the break with gratitude! Ask yourself this: when I look back on this weekend, what do I want to remember?

Here are some ideas for creating a memorable weekend.

1.Take some time off! Seems obvious! Many of us have home based businesses and it’s tough to turn things off when your business is only a few steps away. Close the door, shut the computer down and give yourself a real break.

2. Plan a social media hiatus. I do this every summer when I visit with my family, however I’ll also be doing it this long weekend. When I start to feel really attached to my phone I know it’s time for a break. So I’ll be starting the day tomorrow without turning my phone on first. That will be a challenge!! My goals is to leave it on airplane more so that I can continue to take photos. (p.s. if you really need to get a hold of me, contact Dan).

3. Enjoy some time in nature. Whether you are going to the cottage or staying home, spend some time outside. Make sure you protect yourself from the sun of course and stay well hydrated too.

My weekend book pile

My weekend book pile

4. Connect with a few good books. I visited the library earlier this week for a pile of books. I love spending time reading by the pool or even just hanging around the house. Even better if you’re in a hammock at the cottage.

5. Focus on family. This is a time to enjoy and linger around a good meal (doesn’t have to be unhealthy!) and enjoy some great conversation. Put your phones away and just be together. It can be a huge challenge to let go of our phones and focus on those right beside us. Our kids especially will notice if we are more present with them.

6. Let go of having any goals. Setting your intention for the weekend is not the same as goals. It’s not about what can I accomplish this weekend, it’s more about how do I want to feel. And if you are working on a project around the house for example. that’s great! How do you want to feel while you are doing it? It is something that the whole family can be involved with? Can you still make time to be with them?

7. Have fun! Smile. Run through the sprinkler. Cannonball into the pool. Roast marshmallows. Swim in the lake. Enjoy the amusement park. Whatever your intention – make sure you include FUN!

This Friday is Canada Day! I will be publishing a blog on Friday morning and taking the rest of the weekend off to spend time with my family and to rest & recoup! There will not be a blog published on July 2nd or 3rd. I’ll be back on July 4th – less than 10 days from completing a FULL year of blogging daily!!!

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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