Day 1 of the SSS Detox is just about over. Nothing to exciting to report except that it VERY hot and humid here in Ontario today – so I definitely had a craving for a cold one. Sadly, not a beer as I’ve given up gluten for good – but I’ve been enjoying cider. Of course, cider is likely higher on the glycemic index, given that it’s basically alcoholic apple juice, so giving up cider for a couple of weeks is probably a good thing.  I have a theory that when I drink cider I crave more sweet things.

In summary, I was able to avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol and anything really fun today. Sigh.  Just kidding!! I had a lunch date and had a gluten-free vegetarian curry! It’s nice that most restaurants now accommodate gluten intolerance.  As for Dan, he also did well today, lots of fruit and veggies, two shakes plus lunch. He did enjoy a REV3* healthy energy drink before his baseball game – in this heat – it’s completely understandable.

Have a great summer night and we’ll see you tomorrow for Day 2.

*This is a link to my product page, if you’d like to try the REV3 for yourself.


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