Halfway through week 1, and feeling great! Day 3, no alcohol – but I did cheat on caffeine with a tasty, cold REV3. It certainly helps with mental clarity and focus, as today was spent planning with one of my business partners for a presentation we have in a few weeks. My hubby is doing really well!! I think he’s already dropped a few pounds. He has really been sticking to the plan and added a workout on his off days from baseball. Fitting into his suit seems to be motivation enough!

Lunch was a great salad – arugula, avocado, tomato, feta cheese and quinoa.  Yes, that’s pretty much what I ate yesterday with the addition of the arugula. Eating healthy can be very simple, as you can use a few healthy ingredients and just put them together in different ways. Sometimes it can get a little bit boring though, so I added a new veggie to our rotation.  I bought fresh radishes to dip in hummus.  Very tasty! I bought the pre-washed ones, simply sliced them in half and dipped! It was nice to try something different. What’s your favorite raw veggie?

For dinner, I made another shake with Chocolate Whey Nutrimeal (not dairy free), cold water, organic peanut butter, Optomega (vegan omega 3) and half a frozen banana. It was YUMMY.  So yummy indeed that my daughter drank about 1/4 of it – after eating her full dinner! She’s so funny – she asks for shake. She also drank a good portion of my morning shake. At least I know they are complete meal replacements and good for her.  I find she can be fussy at breakfast. What do your kids have for breakfast?

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