Almost done week one and it’s been going really well. Today ended up being a 1 shake day but I had very healthy meals AND avoided alcohol.  That may sound simple enough, but tonight was my Ladies’ Night Out group annual Sex in the City BBQ – with it’s very own featured martini!! How was I able to navigate through all of the food and being surrounded by alcohol? Here are a few tips:

  • Make a point to choose not to have any alcohol before you leave the house. It’s safer anyhow if you have to drive home.
  • Fill a wine glass with sparkling or lemon water and refill often
  • Focus on conversation and connecting, rather than refilling your plate
  • Choose at least a few veggies and a salad as a side dish. This BBQ food was amazing and I enjoyed some grilled salmon with olive oil and sundried tomatoes.
  • When the desserts come out, choose fruit 🙂 Actually, it’s easy to avoid desserts if you’re not eating gluten.

Do you have a strategy when it comes to summer bbqs?

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