Week 1 Results!! I have to say, even though summer is a tough time to stick to a healthy diet and cut out alcohol, we did very in our first week.  We did have a few drinks last night with friends, but less than normal and are committed to no drinks for the rest of the weekend (even though the weekend is technically “off”).  My hubby, Dan, did very well!! I’m really proud of his commitment to stick to healthy habits and exercise (more than usual) – his motivation is very high. Lots of compliments from me helps too!!  Here is his progress so far:

Photo on the left, 1 week ago. Photo on the right taken this morning.


Chest from 41″ to 41.5″

Waist from 38.5″ to 36″

Navel from 40″ to 38″

That’s a pretty amazing improvement in 6 days!! Well done Dan!!

You can start this simple, affordable program anytime this summer. You follow the program during the week and the weekends are “off” so if you’re going away to the cottage, you can still enjoy yourself! Email me at info@julieboyer.com for pricing and details.

Check in below if you’re doing the program as well! I know many of you started with us last week, we’d love to hear about your progress too.

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