The weekend has come and gone, and we did very well – even though the weekend was technically “off”.  We had a few drinks, but far less than usual. This will probably not be a surprise for many of you, but I find that I sleep better when I haven’t had any alcohol at all. Even one drink makes my sleep a bit restless. I’m not planning to become a teetotaler but I do plan on continuing to be aware of how much I do drink.

One of the great side effects of this mini detox, is that both my husband and I have started to do more exercise than usual. I’m not sure why exactly, but it’s great! This weekend, I walked much more than I am used to.  On Friday, I had my car in the shop and I walked there and back, 30 min each way. On Saturday we walked to the farmer’s market with Céline in her wagon and took the long way home. On Sunday, I walked to do my labyrinth meditation walk and then I took Céline out again in her stroller for an evening walk of almost an hour.  And today I walked back and forth (again) from the shop where my car was getting an oil change!! I must be gearing up for the USANA Champions for Change 5k walk in a few weeks.

If you missed it, we shared my hubby’s photos and results so far in the last post.

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