How is everyone doing on the summer detox so far? Some feedback we’ve had so far is that participants have more energy and are sleeping better. That’s great for this time of year! It’s challenge to stick to any kind of new health program during the summer, so congrats to all of you who are doing the program!!

Here is a bit more information about it, in case you missed it earlier. You can still start this week, or I suggest after the long weekend here in Ontario:

  • 10 Day detox, 5 days on – weekends off!
  • Replace 2 meals a day with a healthy, gluten-free meal-replacement Nutrimeal shake and have 2 low glycemic snacks, plus 1 low glycemic meal a day
  • Includes a 7 page guide with meal plans, tips for eating out, snacks and summer BBQ as well as ideas for your meal replacement shakes
  • No alcohol, caffeine or chocolate suggested
  • You can also choose to eat gluten-free and dairy free

Benefits include:

  • Releasing weight
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced bloating
  • Inches dropped

If you’d like more information and for pricing and delivery options, please send me a personal message at

Congratulations to all who are almost done!! The great news is that you can continue with these healthy recipes and your supplements for the rest of the summer!

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