Tomorrow my husband Dan and I will be starting the 10 Day Summer Detox.  This is a new program, based on the full 28-Day Total Body Detox, but more appropriate for summer. It’s a fairly simple plan, from Monday to Friday (just the weekdays if you start on another day), you’ll be replacing 2 meals per day with Nutrimeal full meal replacements.  The other meal and 2 snacks per day, will be chosen from our detailed (7 page!) meal plan.  On the weekends, you can “slack off” on the detox and get back to things on Monday. This makes it easier for all of the summer BBQs and trips to the cottage.  The program includes the following:

  • Meal replacement shakes for 10 days
  • Blender Bottle for making shakes on the go
  • 1 months supply of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, including anti-oxidants, minerals, omega-3 oil (fish or vegan) and a liver support supplement
  • a 7 page guide including meals and recipes, snacks, shake ideas and tips on eating out

Pricing varies by region and delivery area, but is approx $210 CDN or $185 USD.

I thought I’d share our personal reasons for doing this detox. We have exactly 2 weeks (1o days plus 1 weekend) until we go away for 2 weeks so this is the best time for us.

For me, the reasons are simple: I always like to do the programs I suggest to my clients at least once. I have no interest in losing any more weight (we don’t have a scale anyhow) since I unexpectedly lost 9 lb during the 28 Day Total Body Detox. Also, I have been drinking more alcohol, as it is the summer and would like to take a break before our vacation. Finally, I have reduced my liver supplement (and been drinking more) so one of the symptoms with my monthly cycle that had drastically improved during the detox, has returned, so I’d like to see if returning to a full dose and cutting out alcohol makes a difference (it probably will, sigh).

For my husband: Three reasons – his wife said so, his dress pants are a bit snug (and he’ll be wearing them in front of thousands of people in a month) and he’s been snoring again (loudly!!).  My hubby is very active during the summer, he plays baseball 3 times a week, but as we have both realized, exercise is most important in maintaining weight, not so much for weight loss.  The best thing to do is change what’s going into your mouth.  As we don’t have a scale, we’ll do a before and after photo and chest, waist and hip measurements.  It’s a good thing he’s so cooperative!!

Starting measurements: Chest 41″, Navel 40″, Waist 38.5″

We’ll be updating daily so stay tuned!

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