Sizzling Sexy Summer Detox

productsThis is a simple detox program to help you get back on track during the summer, a time which can be very challenging! Once summer has passed, you’ll be ready for the full 28-Day Total Body Detox – but for now, let’s keep this simple and easy to follow!

Just want the guide book? Download here for only $4.99.

You will be replacing two meals per day, Monday to Friday for 10 days.  Replace breakfast and you can choose the other meal which is easier for you to replace, lunch or dinner. If you have plans to go out for lunch or dinner, keep that meal normal for the day and replace the other two. Tips for eating out are included the meal plan, as well as many fun shake ideas (shakes can also be made plain using just cold water and ice)! You will also notice that ingredients are simple, often repeated, which makes grocery shopping very simple.  A visit to your local Farmer’s Market is highly recommended!

Products to accompany the program are as follows, all from USANA Health Sciences, pharmaceutical grade products made in an FDA approved facility:

  • Essentials – Mega-antioxidant and Multi-mineral plus (2 bottles)
  • Biomega (Omega 3 fish oil capsules) or Optomega (vegan omega 3 liquid)
  • Hepa Plus – support for healthy liver function and liver enzymes
  • 2 bags of Nutrimeal shakes – your choice of Vanilla and/or Chocolate Whey (contains dairy) – both are gluten-free and you’ll be replacing two meals a day with these.
  • Optional products include: Fibergy (can be added to shakes for extra fiber), REV3 surge packs – clean energy drink, suitable replacement for coffee, Probiotics for healthy digestion and immunity and a Blender Bottle for making shakes on the go.

Pricing for one person (includes all products, meal plan and daily email coaching): Starting at $190 includes shipping and taxes.

Pricing for a couple (or two people living at the same address): Starting at $250 includes shipping and taxes.

To order products, email me directly at or visit my website to shop online. Download your program guide and recipe book here!

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