Inspired by Darren Hardy’s editor’s letter in Success Magazine (September 2013), I have made the commitment to go on a social media blackout for 5 days, starting tomorrow, Friday October 4th. Hardy talks about how about we experiencing something far worse than the obesity epidemic, “we are living the in era of ever-increasing information overload.” How many times do you log on to Facebook just to quickly post something or look for something and you end up clicking on four or five different articles and links? Such as this blog post! You can end up wasting hours of time on social media without even realize that it has happened!!

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Recently a blog post was shared about how Facebook makes us feel inadequate, as we are constantly measuring our lives against what others are posting (BTW I lost about 15 minutes trying to find it). It is possible that all other parents have perfect children? Doubtful … as I shared in my last blog post, all parents have to deal with the good and the not so good when it comes our kids – no matter what they post on Facebook.   I agree that it’s great to share positive things and inspiration on social media, but it’s also super important to be real. In today’s hyped up, over-inflated world, where everyone’s opinion is easily shared in a millisecond, why not be authentic? Personally I don’t feel like I am comparing my own life with what others are sharing on FB and other social media, but I do feel like a need a break for a little while. The irony of all of this is that who really cares? Will anyone notice? And should I care if people notice? Definitely not. This is a personal experiment, although I do encourage you to try the same – even just for a day.

To stay compliant, I will be removing the apps from my phone and tablet and staying off my laptop too. Work that needs to be done and emails that must be answered will be taken care of. And the Live Daily Gratitude reminders will be shared automatically too. I will need your support to remain off the grid! By the way, for many of you, you’re probably thinking what’s the big deal?? Others shiver at the thought. Feel free to check in below and share how you would feel about a social media blackout – would it even bother you?


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