Taking the Day OffYesterday my daughter asked me for a ‘mommy and Céline day’. When she was in JK, I only sent her to school three days a week and from Sept – Dec of SK, she went 4 times a week and we had one ‘mommy and Céline day’ per week. Since January, she’s been going 4-5 days per week, depending on the holidays. When she asked me for the day with me, I was hesitant, since it’s the last week of school next week. However, it turned out to be a great decision for both of us.

Gratitude Tip: Sometimes we do need a break. And if we’re not listening to ourselves, God will give us the message in other ways. My daughter knew that I needed some time with her and she insisted. I am very grateful that I can change my schedule around quickly to accommodate a unplanned day off. 

Taking an unplanned day off might not be possible for most people, however I find that it’s such a gift to just enjoy the day, no plans, and to have space for creativity. Even if you don’t have kids, a day off is essential to recharge and enjoy life! The weather here has been phenomenal and we enjoyed visiting not one but two parks together. As you can see from this video, she is passionate about the monkey bars!

Life is far too short to miss these moments. I love my career and my business, and I love being of service to my clients and my team every day. And I also love the freedom and flexibility to be there for my daughter and create these memories. As I think back to my own memories of being 5, I have a hard time remembering that much, so I don’t know how much she will remember when she’s an adult. I do hope that she’ll remember that I gave her love and time.

As Ferris Bueller said: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” (from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off)


What can you do in the next few days to stop and look around? How can you cherish the time you’ve been given? Who would you like to spend more time with? Do it.

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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