I’ve mentioned in previous posts that one of the biggest struggles of being a new mom is losing the extra baby weight. On a positive note, my husband Dan agreed to work with me so that we can both lose the extra weight and inches gained over the last year. First things first, we needed a plan.

For Christmas, my parents bought me a Kindle book reader. And the first book I bought was The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferris. This is the same author who brought us The 4-Hour Workweek, which I have blogged about before. Ferris is all about finding the most efficient ways to do things so that he can get the most out of every single day of life!  I actually had no idea how big this book really is, since I purchased the electronic version – my friend bought the hardcover and it’s HUGE!

After reading the first few chapters, I was hooked. Ferris is a bit obsessive-compulsive about his body (ok, that’s an understatement) and I could already tell that any method he suggested for losing weight, gaining muscle, increasing strength etc. would have been tried and tested. The first task we had to do was a weigh in, as well as taking measurements of 7 different body parts (including waist and hips), since weight does not always tell the whole story when it comes to fat loss.  Our second task, take photos of our bodies, from the front, side and back.  Let me tell you, if you haven’t done this, it might be a shock! It was surprised as to how much my body had changed with the pregnancy and since she was born. It’s also very eye opening and gives a visual of where you are starting from. Finally, we had to commit to doing this together, as it’s important to have a partner who can hold you accountable.

The plan is what is called Slow Carb Eating.  As many of you know, I lost 20 lb back in 2006 when I changed to a Low GI (glycemic index) way of eating.  I kept that weight off fairly easily until I got pregnant in Jan 2009.  Since Céline was born in Sept 2010, I have tried to go back to Low GI eating but this time, the results weren’t happening. So when I learned about Slow Carb Eating through the book, it seemed like a better idea.  Once of the things that I like about this plan is that it’s not calorie restricted, which means that I felt it would be ok for me since I’m still breastfeeding (with supplementation). It’s a fairly simple plan, followed 6 days a week, with a binge day on Saturday.  To put it simply, we eat 4 meals a day, approx. 4 hours apart.  Each meal has a protein, a legume (think beans and lentils) and veggies. It’s simple because you basically eat variations of the same thing everyday. It’s a bit tougher to do for vegetarians, but since I eat fish it’s been ok. No white carbohydrates (or any carb that could be white), no fruit (or fruit juice) and of course no sweets or chocolate.  As for alcohol, a glass or two of red wine per day is fine.  We embraced this part of the plan and bought a box of wine (a box, not a case). Then on Saturday, we go crazy! It’s all part of the plan.

Of course, this is just a basic outline and I highly recommend checking out the book to get all of the details. I understand that Ferris is planning to publish a Slow Carb Cookbook in the near future, although the plan doesn’t require any complicated cooking at all.  One thing that I have noticed is that we are eating so many fresh and frozen veggies, whole foods and food that is really good for you.  And, yes, so far the results are pretty darn good.  It’s been three weeks and I will share our results after 1 month.

Thoughts or opinions? Anyone else tried this? Have you read the book? Check in below.

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