Spend Some Time In GratitudeIt’s Sunday morning as I write this. The sun is shining through my window and it promises to be a beautiful day. For many of us, Sunday is a time for family, for worship and for relaxation. Today I encourage you to spend some time in gratitude.

Gratitude Tip: How often do you consciously think about gratitude? Are you taking moments throughout the day to express your gratitude? Do your gratitude habits come in handy when you are faced with a challenging situation? What can you do today to spend some time in gratitude?

Here are a few ideas:

1.Attend a worship service. Give thanks to God for this amazing day and your life by singing and praying with others.

2. Send a few gratitude cards. Who can you thank today? People love it when they receive a hand written card.

3. Write in your gratitude journal. Find a quiet spot outside and start making a list of everything you are grateful for. See if you can get to 100.

4. Turn off your phone for an hour and give your family the gift of your time and attention.

5. Perform a random act of kindness, beyond paying for the coffee of the car behind you in the drive through line. My friend and her kids gave out balloons to people on the street yesterday to spread some joy and happiness.

6. Walk outside in nature. Give thanks for the sun, the trees, the flowers, the animals and all of the abundant growth that surrounds us.

7. Meditate on gratitude. There are many different meditations that you can find on YouTube. I love the Oprah & Deepak meditations and I have the Desire & Destiny 21 Day Meditation on my phone and there is one on gratitude.

8. Draw, paint, sketch or doing something creative as a way to give thanks for your gifts.

Any other ideas? Let me know which one you decided to do! Have an amazing Sunday everyone.

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