stay-healthy-on-vacationI’m back from 8 wonderful days in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. There are so many wonderful things to share about the trip, I will put together a post on the best that I’ve experienced (so far) in Costa Rica. Today I want to focus on how to stay healthy on vacation. How many times have you been looking forward to a trip and on the first day you arrive, you’re struck by a cold or even worse, the flu and you spend the first few days in bed? Do you find it hard to feel your best when you’re sleeping in a different bed or eating different food? And what about time zone adjustments? This post will help to make the most out of your next vacation!

Gratitude Tip: Vacations can be physically and mentally challenging. When moments of difficulty do arise (and they will, especially when travelling with children), it’s critical to find a place of gratitude and breathe through it. Being able to quickly diffuse difficult situations by shifting to gratitude is one key to staying healthy on vacation. It helps to remind your kids that most of their friends are either back in school or stuck at home while they get to swim in the pool or ocean.

How to Stay Healthy on Vacation:

  1. Water, water and more water.
    stay healthy on vacation

    USANA Water bottles – photo credit Natalie Dion

    Bring your own refillable bottle, one for each member of the family. Empty it before you go through security and search for a water fountain on the other side – before you board the plane. Many airports even have the filtered water bottle refill stations by the water  fountains. As soon as you board (board as early as possible), ask the flight crew to fill your bottle again. It can take up to an hour before beverage service begins and by then, you’re already dehydrated. Continue to drink 3-4 bottles full every day while you’re away.

  2. stay healthy on vacation

    My secret to great sleep

    Sleep. First, let’s address changing time zones. It’s always easier travelling west vs. east. And it usually takes your body 1 day per time zone crossed to adjust. My secret is to keep your bedtime and awake time as close as possible to your normal time as home – for example if you go to bed at 10 pm at home, aim for close to that time in your new time zone. Of course there will be some late nights (depending on the type of vacation), so allow yourself to sleep until you wake up on those days. I am a big fan of USANA’s Pure Rest, which is an ultra-pure melatonin which helps you to fall asleep by naturally raising your melatonin levels. If you’ve tried melatonin before and it didn’t work, I suggest giving the USANA brand a try. Next, I recommend bringing ear plugs, a sleep mask and maybe even your own pillow! Those will all help you to get to sleep more quickly and more soundly. Do not sacrifice your sleep on vacation or you will end up sick by the end.

  3. stay healthy on vacationWhat are you eating? It’s so tempting to give up our healthy habits when we are traveling. And I certainly did not stick 100% to the same eating plan as I do at home. However, it’s key to pay attention to what we are taking in, because you will find that a drastic change in diet will make you feel ill. When we eat a lot of extra sugar and sugary drinks, this can also suppress our immune system. Make sure you are still eating veggies and fresh fruit, even though you may have other ‘treats’ you don’t have while you’re at home. I love travelling with my mini Hamilton Beach blender to make my USANA MySmartShakes. While staying at an AirBnB for example, this is a great way to make a quick healthy breakfast, all you need is a banana or other fresh fruit to make it super tasty. The fiber will help keep you regular. I made an amazing smoothie my first morning with pineapple, mango and banana – super delicious with fresh tropical fruit.
  4. stay healthy on vacationTake care of your gut. As mentioned above, fiber is often what is lacking for a lot of people on vacation. Many resorts are very carbohydrate & protein heavy, without enough options for fiber from food. Constipation can be a real issue for many travelers. Staying hydrated with water is the first rule. Next is to eat as many green, leafy veggies or legumes as possible. And lastly, keep some USANA Probiotic on hand. It’s a powder that is stable at room temperature, so it’s perfect for travel, and it’s gluten, dairy and sugar free as well. This can save a bloated tummy as well.
  5. Keep moving. It can be tempting to lay on the beach all day or snuggle up by the fire with a good book, but if you’re not on an active vacation (i.e. ski holiday), make sure that you are moving every day. The pool at the Westin had a daily aquafit class and even if you’re just walking around the resort or along the beach every day, this will help your digestion and allow for your blood and lymph to keep circulating well.
  6. stay healthy on vacationTake care of your immune system. In the past 4 years, every time I travel to a different climate, I have gotten a cold sore. USANA has a new immune support supplement called Proglucamune:
    • Contains zinc and the InCelligence™ Beta-Glucan Complex to support healthy immunity.*
    • Helps you stay fit and well, even during times of occasional stress.*
    • Primes immune cells’ natural protective responses*

So I made the decision to see if taking this product before and during my trip would help, since a cold sore is caused by a virus. And coincidentally, this is the first trip in 4 years where I have not had a cold sore. This product is currently available directly from the US in our Personal Use cart and will be available from our Canadian warehouse in February 2017. Please contact me directly if you’d like to place an order.

What other tips do you have for staying healthy on vacation? When is your next holiday planned? Please share this post with friends who are traveling over the holiday season!


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Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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