Stepping Into Leadership

What does being a leader look like to you? A leader is someone who takes action towards their dreams every day, and inspires others to come along for the ride. Is it difficult to be a leader? Yes, there are difficult days for all who step into a leadership role. Is it worth it? Every single time.

Gratitude Tip: Fear not becoming a leader. Step into your greatness and you’ll inspire others right from where you are today. Becoming a leader is a decision, not a title. The world needs more leaders who a leading from a place of gratitude.

I work with an amazing team of women and men in my USANA business. And although it may seem like I have a vitamin & supplement business, what I really do is to mentor and develop leaders, so that they can in turn develop leaders themselves. The world doesn’t need any more followers, what we need (on a global scale) is more leadership. I’ve been working closely with three of the women on my team who stepped up into leadership roles for a contest I’ve been running with my team over the past three weeks. Here’s what I’ve noticed:

Andrea (in the middle)

Andrea (in the middle)

Andrea has been on my team since the beginning (over 9 years ago). She and I have been through a lot together, travelled together and have grown together. Andrea had taken a step back from the business over the past two years, but she never stopped her personal development journey. When she stepped up as a leader for this contest, I immediately noticed a change in her posture and confidence. And she’s taking action like never before. It’s thrilling to watch her step into her leadership and bring other new leaders onto our team.

julie boyer, daily gratitude, gratitude projectAmy and I have been working together for 7 years. We even had our daughters one day apart! Amy has been committed to personal development since we met at a Millionaire Mind Intensive 8 years ago. When I look at my photos from different personal development seminars, I notice that Amy is almost always in the photos. Amy made a commitment to attend USANA’s International Convention this summer, with her younger daughter (14 months old). It was not an easy task but she made it work and got the most out of the event. She came back with a renewed sense of passion and purpose for her business and the results have already begun to roll in. Amy is an amazing leader and speaker, and I know we’ll be seeing new leaders emerge from her team this year.

julie boyer, daily gratitude, gratitude projectAnd finally, one of my closest business partners and friends, Sara. Sara has stepped into her leadership in a very big way this September. After going through a difficult year on a personal and business level, she has put the past behind her and is moving forward at lightening speed. Sara has the ability to bring out the best in everyone she connects with and lights up others with her kindness and generous spirit. Sara has made huge commitments for 2015-2016 in USANA, and I know that we’ll all have the chance to applaud her successes on the main stage at Convention 2016. Sara is a strong and passionate leader, whose life experience makes her one the wisest members of the team.


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