finding gratitude, julie boyerHow often do you stretch your comfort zone? Daily, weekly, never? We all know that in order to grow and be successful, we’ve got to spend much of our time outside of our comfort zone. The question is are you committed to growth or committed to comfort?

Gratitude Tip: Being in business for over a decade, I have watched others succeed and others fail. One thing that those who succeeded all had in common is that they knew when to push themselves outside of their comfort zone. And often they went WAY outside in order to find success. Are you able to find gratitude in discomfort? I choose to be thankful for the challenges and nervous times in my life, because they are all related to growth. What about you?

Yesterday I attend a Chinese networking event in Mississauga. The event was in English, however there were many people speaking Mandarin to each other. It was a very different type of networking situation for me. I decided that it was worth my time to attend for two reasons: first, I have really wanted to grow my local business in Mississauga and second, I would love to work with a leader who would like to expand in China because there is a huge opportunity with USANA via their subsidiary, Baby Care. I had attended an event with this group in 2010 and decided to give it another try. Even though I was nervous and felt really out of place, I met some really nice men and women, who all made me feel welcome. I enjoyed the opportunity and look forward to attending the next meeting. Will any business come from this? Who knows? All I know for sure is that my comfort zone was stretched yesterday.

One of my newest business partners, Larissa, shared with me that a part of her WHY for building a USANA business is to push herself outside of her comfort zone. In ten years of working with business partners, I have never seen someone actually write that down on paper. And it shows me that she is ready for success, and will (hopefully) be able to handle the failures and negatives along the way. When we choose to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, not only is success more likely, so are failures and mistakes. If we choose to look at our mistakes as teachers and LEARN from the experiences, we immediately expand our comfort zone and grow as leaders. I am truly grateful for the mistakes and failures I have had along the way, because I have learned so much.

Finding gratitude in our failures and mistakes is easy when we choose to look at those experiences as our greatest teachers. The quicker we learn, the faster we grow and succeed. – Julie Boyer

Take a look at your plan for the next week, month or the rest of the year. How often are you doing activities that stretch your comfort zone? If this is something you haven’t considered, take a few moments today to ask yourself, how can I push myself out of my comfort zone. I want to give props to my neighbor, Sylvia, who is 72. She joined me for my ballet class this winter and spring, never having taken a ballet class in her life! Talk about stretching your comfort zone! And she was uncomfortable and awkward at first, but by the end of the spring session, she was moving like a ballerina. It was amazing to watch her grow and literally stretch! I’m going to miss our dance classes.

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