Are You Swimming Upstream-One of my mentors taught me that once we set our goals and create our vision, we then have to let go of our attachment to the results and do our best to live in the flow of life. This sounds counter-intuitive however what I’ve noticed is that when life is flowing and we aren’t encountering resistance, things work out in the direction of our goals.

Gratitude Tip: Where in your life are you encountering resistance? Do you feel like you are swimming upstream? Instead of continuing to swim upstream, why not stop where you are and at least tread water? Take stock in your surroundings, spend a few moments in gratitude and turn yourself around. Release your need to be in control and allow yourself to flow downstream.

I have found that having faith and a prayer practice is very helpful with this. We are now finished the first two weeks of our 40 Day Prayer Challenge, and what many of us have noticed is that life is more in the flow when we start our day in prayer. We are following the book by Mark Batterson, and if you’d like to learn more about how the challenge works, he’s explained it well in this video.

Prayer doesn’t have to be about God, although you might find that you need God in order to have a strong enough faith. Years ago, I chose to have faith in The Universe (inspired by the movie The Secret – which btw is on Netflix Canada now). For me, that wasn’t strong enough. I found my faith through my church after my daughter was born, having never attended church before and not even being sure if I believed in God. I believed in a power greater than ourselves but didn’t identify with Christianity. Now, five years later, I do have a very deep faith in God and in our saviour Jesus Christ. I came to faith via a journey, much like every aspect of my life including health, wellness and being an entrepreneur.

One book that I found helpful in explaining how to get into the ‘flow’ of life is Ask and It Is Given by Abraham-Hicks. It’s a great resource on raising your vibration and understanding how energy works. It includes ‘22 processes that will assist you in reconnecting with the “Non-Physical” part of yourself, and which will help you in achieving anything you desire.‘ This book is also excellent whether or not you have faith in God.

What are you doing today to help you release your expectation of the outcomes in life? How can you turn yourself around and stop being in resistance? Are you willing to release the illusion of control and let your life flow effortlessly?


Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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