It’s All About Love!

Happy Valentine’s Day! There are lots of reasons to celebrate love every day, no need for a commercial holiday. In the spirit of this day, here are some fun ways to show someone you love them, any day of the year! 1.Do something without being asked to. It could be as simple as taking out…

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Staying Grateful on Vacation

We’ve all had those moments where our vacation doesn’t go as planned. And you feel frustrated, tired and maybe a little bit angry that things aren’t working out as you had expected. So what strategies could we use to get back to gratitude when the sh*t hits the fan? As you may know, I have…

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Our Magical Trip to Disney World (Incl. Tips & Tricks)

Have you been to Disney World? It’s easy to see why it’s the Happiest Place on Earth after spending 4 days visiting each of the parks. We loved our experience and are filled with gratitude for the opportunity to have been able to experience it as a family. This blog post will cover what we…

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Why It’s Crucial To Create Options BEFORE You Have a Family

Being a parent is hard. Being a mom is often more stressful than being a dad, since most moms are the primary care-givers for our children. Whether a mom works outside of the home or not once the kid(s) are born is often a decision that is purely based on finances and not what would…

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What If We All Woke Up With Gratitude?

wake up with gratitude

This seems like such a simple thing to do, to wake with up gratitude and give thanks for another day. Yet it’s so easy not to do. Imagine how different our world would be if everyone woke up with gratitude instead of frustration, dissatisfaction, complacency or any other negative emotion.  The first few minutes of…

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