An Open Letter to the CBC

open letter to the CBC

Dear CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), Over the years, we as Canadians have criticized you and complained about our home-grown broadcasting corporation again and again. Today, I write you this letter of gratitude to say Thank You. You have made the first two weeks of August the best in Canadian broadcasting yet. And I am extremely…

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Just 15 Minutes More

Just 15 minutes more

Have you been watching the Olympics? I will admit that I am a little bit obsessed and I love watching as much as possible! Yesterday was a pretty exciting day for Canada, where we won 4 medals, including a Gold in Women’s Wrestling (Erica Wiebe) and Silver in the Men’s 200 m (Andre De Grasse).…

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Why Detox in The Summer?

detox in the summer

Why would you want to  detox in the summer? In 2012 I founded the 30 Day Whole Body Detox, the healthy, whole food detox that will nourish your body at the cellular level. I have been doing the program every spring since then and I encourage others to do the same. Yet there are always…

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Make Today Count

make today count

Make Today Count. A common expression that we probably here at least once a week, and the question is, are we truly living this way. I never imagined that I would start losing people I know and love in my 40s, yet it keeps happening. A grade/high school friend, Leigh-Ann Hardy (friends please consider supporting…

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Olympic History for Canadian Swimmer Penny Oleksiak!

penny oleksiak gold medal

As a huge fan of the Olympics and swimming, I am so incredibly thrilled to have witnessed 16 year old Penny Oleksiak win Canada’s first Gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. There are some incredible lessons that we can all learn from this amazing 16 year old athlete, who has been making history…

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