gratitude quote, kownackiAs of today, May 13th, I have been blogging daily since July 13, 2015. I haven’t missed a day, although there were a few days where I forgot to click Publish so the posts were late. My focus has been on gratitude, leadership, nutrition & wellness, detox and sharing some of my stories too. I committed to writing this daily blog for a year, initially it was to replace the daily gratitude messages I had been sending out for the two previous years, and now it’s turned into a writing project. My question for you, dear readers, is what’s next?

Gratitude Tip: We are have unique gifts and talents, and learning how we best serve others with our gifts is an important part of our time here on earth. I have been serving my wonderful gratitude community for several years now and I want to see if what I am doing is serving others and the best use of my own time. I am grateful everyday that so many of you allow me into your email inbox, and for your comments and feedback.

Do I simply continue on after July? Part of me says yes but there is also a part of me that wants to simply write when I feel the need to share something in particular, instead of searching for a topic the moment I sit down. Yet my post from yesterday, which was a poem I had written several years ago, turned out to be very well received. I had a hard time writing yesterday morning as I was going through a business challenge and my mind what not in the right space to write something new.  So I searched my posts (there are almost 700 of them!) and found something of value to share with my community.

I’d love to hear from you, what topics do you enjoy most? How often are you reading the blog? Do you mind yourself sharing my posts or recommending the blog to others? What would you like to see less of? I’m open to all feedback, however I’ll be making decisions based on what is best for me and my family first.

I do have the desire to put a lot of this work into a book, and perhaps that will be a project for the second half of 2016. If you have connections to a publisher in the non-fiction, self-help work, I’d love an introduction. My first book, 30 Days of Gratitude, was self-published with Balboa Press and I’d love to work with a publishing company for this next book.

Thank you for all of your feedback and your continued support of this blog and my journey.

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