“I feel blessed for the opportunity to edit this book. The guide is easy to follow, with insightful suggestions on integrating daily gratitude. My life is better because of the gifts imparted in 30 Days of Gratitude.”
– Sophie Boyer, editor

“Julie Boyer is one of the most powerful coaches I have had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to support her clients to achieve extraordinary results is a true gift. Julie is sure to motivate you to do much more than you normally would and she does this in a sincere and gifted way! She will inspire you to achieve greatness. To me…that is leadership at its best!”
-Leanne Grechulk is the founder of HealthyGirl, creator of Wellspotand best-selling author of 30 Days to Wealth.

“Julie has the unique and mind expanding ability to lead individuals to greatness with her confidence and powerful leadership qualities. She inspires those around her to believe they can be more than they ever believed possible. I was one of those people and will forever be grateful for the life changing impact she has had as a leader and mentor in my life. Anyone who teams up with Julie is very fortunate!”
– Sara Martel is a Life Design Coach and Founder and CEO of the personal leadership program Freedom Naturally Yours. She is a published author and speaker.

“After I was introduced to the potential benefits and value of detoxing my liver, I was excited about the prospect and actually looked forward to the 28 Day Total Body Detox! I had no idea how life-changing it would be.”  More »
-Pat Birnie,  C.P.T. and 17 time marathon finisher

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