Thanksgiving and How I Manifested Speaking on The Dr Oz Show
practice gratitude, julie boyer, daily gratitude, gratitude projectThis weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. I often get asked if this is my favorite holiday, since it’s all about being grateful. The truth is, since my mission in life is to live in a world where everyone wakes up and says thank you, I feel like every day is Thanksgiving.

Gratitude Tip: No need to wait for a holiday to express gratitude. Giving thanks every day is a lifelong habit that will bring more and more things to be thankful for into your life. 

As gratitude ambassadors, you can encourage others to start their own daily gratitude practice that continues after this weekend. Many of you are getting together with family and friends for a traditional meal that includes a gratitude ritual. Extend that ritual to all meals you share with your family on a daily or weekly basis.

For my US counterparts and others who aren’t celebrating the holiday this weekend, take a few moments to connect with family and friends and share your gratitude. And for those who are going through difficult times right now, it’s even more important to pause and find gratitude in the smallest of things. Gratitude will help you to get through the most challenging times in your life and hopefully, eventually, recover and move on.

julie boyer, dr. oz, daily gratitude, gratitude projectYesterday was the airing of The Dr. Oz Show that I attended the live taping of this past August with my USANA family. It was really awesome to see all of us in the crowd! My friend Sara and I did the round trip from Burlington Ontario to New York City in one day – I shared our story on the blog. One part of the story I didn’t share was how I manifested speaking on the show. I knew that Dr. Oz will sometimes go into the audience and have them answer questions. When we arrived at the studio only a few minutes before we were admitted, I turned to Sara and said, ‘I’m going to answer a question on the show.’ I had butterflies in my stomach when I said this, as I knew that it would happen.

When you are admitted to the show, first you are backstage in a very large holding area. Coincidentally, just before we went upstairs to the holding area, I was given a VIP ticket – which meant that we would be one of the first into the studio when the called us for seating. Once we were called in to sit in the studio, we were assigned seating based on colour blocking (what we were wearing). Thankful Sara and I were wearing bright colours. We were seated near the top, but in the corner (not on the aisle). I simply said to myself, that’s ok, it will all work out. I knew that if I had a chance to answer a question, I’d have to be on the aisle.

A few minutes later, a group of 4 people needed to be seated together. They asked us to move and guess what, I ended up on the aisle! Perfect. I knew that I would now have the opportunity to answer a question. As they prepped us for the show, we were told to interact, for example if Dr. Oz asked a question, we should raise our hand to answer. Done. And in the very first segment of the show I had my chance. Dr. Oz asked a question and I quickly looked around, no one was raising their hand – so I did. And he came right up to me with the mic. I answered the question, my heart beating rapidly and making sure I was clear and concise in my answer. I did it!! I manifested answering a question on the show!! That turned out to be pretty much the only opportunity for questions the entire episode.

sleep pack, julie boyer, daily gratitudeWatching the show air yesterday was a blast!! And what’s even more amazing is that my clients (and some new clients!) have been asking to try the Pure Rest product that was featured on the show. In fact, there is a special Sleep Support Pack available today in the shopping cart on my USANA site, (click on SHOP and Nutritionals). I am so grateful that USANA is a trusted partner and sponsor of The Dr. Oz Show, it was such an amazing opportunity to be a part of the taping of the show with our global USANA family.

If you missed the show, you can watch clips on or in Canada, the full episode on or the CTV app. My answer comes up in the first few minutes and the sleep section is about 3/4 of the way through. Great episode! I implemented many of the tips I learned back in August and it’s made a difference on my pocketbook.

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