This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. This is the kick-off for the holiday season in Canada, for my friends south of the border, you’ve got a bit more time before the holiday madness begins! What does Thanksgiving mean to you? As I look out my office window, just back from my walk, here is what comes to mind. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful and mindful as well. If you’ve been following my blog you know that daily gratitude is a very important part of my life. What makes this holiday weekend extra special is that more and more people are also giving thanks. A few ideas that come to mind include:

  • I am grateful for the beautiful autumn colours and the wind that makes the leaves dance
  • I am grateful for our home, a place that keeps us warm and safe as we get closer to the winter season
  • I am grateful to have a wonderful family, both here at home and spread out across North America
  • I am grateful for amazing friends and business partners – often one and the same
  • I am grateful for clean, pure drinking water and hot showers
  • I am grateful for a fridge full of healthy food and a kitchen to prepare them in

Here are a few ideas to include gratitude in your weekend:

  • At Thanksgiving dinner, go around the table and ask each person what they are most grateful for in the past year
  • Send a few gratitude cards to friends, family, colleagues or business associates to let them know how grateful you are for them
  • Be mindful for even just a few minutes every day of all of the blessings you are surrounded by

Enjoy the long weekend fellow Canadians and please share with us one or two things that you are grateful for right now.


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