Thanksgiving, Gratitude and Presence

julie boyer, daily gratitude project, thanksgivingHappy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends who are celebrating today. I love that there are two holidays celebrated in North America that are based around being grateful. The beauty of this is that there are so many reminders of gratitude being shared on social media. And it’s perfect timing, as we need a global shift from fear and negativity, to love, joy and gratitude.

Gratitude Tip: Express your gratitude freely today. And continue to do the same tomorrow. And the day after that. Repeat daily! Gratitude is not a holiday or a once-a-year thing. I dream of  a world where everyone wakes up and simply says Thank You! Thank you for this gift of another day to be AMAZING! In a world of ordinary, why not be amazing?

The other important gift we can give during the holiday season and Christmas, is not presents, but presence. Homonyms with very different meanings. There is a lot of hype about Black Friday, but many retailers have been offering sales all week, which is the epitome of consumerism. I understand that for many families, purchasing Christmas gifts this week saves a lot of money and that perhaps the tree would be almost bare without the deals being offered. In my opinion, I feel that it’s important to focus on less under the tree and more time spent together.

I grew up in a home where under tree was always filled with presents. We were very blessed. And we were also given the gift of time with our family. What I remember most from being a child is not the gifts we received but the memories created. However, there is one special gift I remember, my parents made me a huge doll house out of a bookshelf. I loved that gift so much because it was unique and they made it for me! I have been doing my best to repeat that tradition with our daughter, making at least one unique, non-store bought gift each year.

If you are off today and celebrating with family, I hope you’ll turn off your phone (after your read this) and give the gift of your presence today. Get down on the floor and play with the kids or grand-kids. Create memories together that will last long after they have outgrown the toys.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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