The Benefits of Applying Minimalist Habits

minimalist, julie boyer, closet, daily gratitudeOver the past few months, we have been reducing the amount of ‘stuff’ in our home, one drawer, closet and room at a time. Here are some the benefits of doing just a bit at a time, every week.

1. Our home is cleaner. With less stuff to put away, there is extra room on the shelves and in the storage boxes in our living room, so it’s easy to clean up and keep it clean. I find it’s also easier for our daughter to clean up too because it’s more organized.

2. Dishes don’t pile up. In the past, we had an arrangement where my hubby did the dishes once a day and we would let them pile up throughout the day. After reading a short article about the benefits of doing dished immediately, I found that our kitchen is much cleaner and less cluttered, it’s easy to prep for meals and doing 5-8 minutes of dishes after a meal is easy, even for me!

3. Instead of spending money, we’re making more! We have sold many items on kijiji and just recently, I sold some of my books to raise a bit of money for my favorite charity, the USANA True Health Foundation.

4. We have a lot to donate. I regularly donate to the Canadian Diabetes Clothesline (we have been doing this since I was a teenager) but this time, we have at least 6 bags and a few boxes to give away. And we don’t miss any of it.

5. There is a real sense of space in our home. The basement is wide open, and ready to be finished. The living room feels more spacious. Even my office feels better, even though our bed is still in the same room.

6. Our closets have extra room in them! We have continued to reduce our wardrobes and find that we have enough with a dresser each and about half a closet. It’s much easier for me as I don’t have to dress up for work every day so I can keep a small wardrobe and not feel like I am missing anything.

It feels really good to truly love and enjoy the space we are in. We’re not finished yet, we still have a few areas to sort out, but it has made such a different over the past few months to create space and let go of stuff.

I believe a few of you have been inspired to do the same, I’d love to hear about your successes! Share some photos with us.

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