A funny thing happened this week and it gave me a lesson on the cost of our distractions. I got an automatic call from my domain hosting company, saying that one of my domain names was coming up for renewal.  It was a strange automatic recording and I did take a mental note – and promptly forgot about it.

This week I have been teaching a full day French summer camp with a small group of girls and it has taken up most of my energy and focus. So I hadn’t even been on my website all week.  To my surprise, julieboyer.com was the site that needed to be renewed. Luckily, I was only a day late and things should be up and running soon, as you won’t be able to see this post until then anyhow!

This got me thinking about the cost of our distractions in our lives. Now, this camp that I am doing is certainly not a distraction, it’s a part of what I do for my livelihood, but just the sudden change in my routine and suddenly it’s very difficult to find time for anything else, let alone the energy. Perhaps I’m getting my first taste of being a mom and trying to juggle a family and a career? Being 7 months pregnant can definitely take a lot out of you, especially in 30°C plus heat. Running around and playing games with 6 and 7 year olds also takes a lot out of you! The biggest challenge during this time is keeping up with my passions – my Agel business, writing my blog, speaking engagements, networking and personal development.

Do you find that when the seasons change, or school ends (or starts) that it is difficult to make the adjustment in routine? How many of you out there are working on a full time job or as a full time parent and are also, like me, working on your passions in your “spare time”?  We’ve all heard it before, the only way you’re going to find time to make all of your dreams comes true, and then have time to enjoy your passions exclusively is to make time now. Why then is it so easy to get distracted? To make excuses? To not to the activities that we know are going to get us one step closer to that reality?  We KNOW that taking one step at a time, one day at a time will allow us to get there.  Yet, we continue to fall back into a loop of distraction, procrastination, lack of focus on what we really want.

Check in on the comments below – how do you deal with distractions? What is it that keeps you on track to living your passion and dream life?

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