decision making, julie boyer, the grateful entrepreneurRecently, I wrote a blog about the importance of making solid decisions in order to move ahead and reach success in life. What I didn’t address in this blog was the decision making process and how many people can become stuck in the face a big decision and not be able to move ahead. Yesterday I had the opportunity to hear from Dana Peever, The Decision Coach, and she shared her amazingly simple decision making process.

Gratitude Tip: What do you do when you are faced with a big decision? Are you able to make a clear and concise choice in a timely fashion? Or does it take you some time before coming to a conclusion? Where does gratitude fit in when it comes to decision making? Gratitude can come from the fact that you do have a choice. As human beings, we have free will. We are blessed with the gift of choices in our lives and although we might not always like the options that are in front of us, we always DO have options.


In my own life, looking back on big decisions, I would say that I don’t spend a lot of time on the decision making process. This has gotten me into trouble sometimes, but for the most part, has served me well. I have grown to rely on my intuition or gut feeling and now, more than ever, I trust it over pretty much any other factors. And it has served me well. When I have a big decision to make, I’ll come to a conclusion on my own first, and then I’ll consult with a few people in my life for guidance. My hubby is usually first, unless it’s a business decision and then I’m likely to call on my mentor Leanne. My sister is also often involved in the conversation. Who are the people you turn to when you have a big decision to make?

Dana is an experienced Life Coach and Decision Coach, and her specialty is helping people work through difficult decisions. She has a simple 5 step process that allows you to work through your decision and come to a conclusion that will be best serve you. She’s created an app called The Decision Smith that will allow you to try her process for free. It’s a great tool as a part of the process. Dana provides coaching and support for families as well, especially during this time of year when grade twelve students are deciding where to go to post-secondary education (or perhaps taking a year off).

Making a difficult decision can feel liberating and help you to shift your energy very quickly. When we’ve got a tough decision to make it weighs us down and affects our energy. What decisions are you avoiding right now? When we avoid making a decision, we are actually still making a decision, which is to avoid the decision! So why not work through the process and make a decision that serves you instead?

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