What’s done is done. For the next 4 years and for the coming decades (with new Supreme Court appointments), Americans have chosen their leader – by a very small margin and once again not by popular vote. What do we do now? The reactions around the world have ranged from cries of victory to the tumble of markets and massive fear and uncertainty. Now, it’s up to us to shape the next 4 years because how we think, what we focus on and what we believe to be real is what will manifest.

Gratitude Tip: Today, I quote one of my most favorite mentors, Jim Rohn: ‘You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself. That is something you have charge of.’

emotional-guidance-scaleFear mongering and hatred of others does not advance our civilization. We must band together, no matter who we voted for, and focus on love and acceptance. Of course this is easier said than done! However the only thing that each of us really controls are our own thoughts and feelings. The more we can focus on high vibration feelings, the better all of us will feel. When we feel love, joy, gratitude and empowerment, we are vibrating at the highest possible level and we will not only attract others who are vibrating at the same level but we will also influence the vibration of those around us. Even if those around us are vibrating at the lowest frequency of fear and powerlessness.

Make a decision today to create your absolute best life, no matter whether you are happy or angry with the new American president. Focus on sharing love, kindness, good news and positive energy on social media. Be the one that shines a light on others and highlights the good in all people. Have faith that everything will be okay, even though the media wants you to believe otherwise. Our collective energy DOES make a difference.

I re-read a classic book on the power and influence of our personal energy on the world, The Celestine Prophecy. Written in 1993 it shares 9 insights on how our energy shapes our world and how the human race is evolving. It’s a very powerful read, and it looks like the mission and vision of the author, James Redfield, is still growing today. Know that your personal thoughts and energy can and will change our world. Please join me in focusing on love, light and gratitude, especially during this turbulent time in our world.

So now what? You have a choice to make – choose a path towards love, gratitude and light or fear, separation and darkness. Which will you choose?

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Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

Create Your Best Life! Julie Boyer

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