Today is Victoria Day in Canada, so it’s a holiday. And it’s beautiful out!!! Although I haven’t officially completed the full 28 Days of the 28 Day Total Body Detox, I am ready to get back to a bit of imbibing in this hot hot weather. It’s so beautiful today – what a huge blessing! detoxlogo2If you’ve imbibed a little bit too much this weekend, you can start your very own 28 Day program next week. For those who aren’t ready to do a full 28 days, we have a 10 days Sexy Summer Slim Down program that’s easy to follow (and you can still use the recipes from the 28 Day TBD Guidebook).

As I look back on my goals for this program, I am happy with where I ended up:

1. Cut the chocolate cravings! Yes these have definitely subsided and I feel more in control when it comes to chocolate. Let’s be clear about this, I am very excited to enjoy more Zazubar chocolate, but with a bit more moderation.

2. Fit into my black pants. On one hand, I’m 5 lb lighter than when I started. On the other hand, even though I am at the same weight as I was before I had my daughter (Jan 2010) my pants still do not fit. I am starting to wonder if my hips have changed and it’s a permanent thing. Either way, I feel great going into bathing suit season. Although I still might join a few friends in a 30 Day ab challenge.

3. Move more! That has been an easy one. For the most part, the weather this month was great (cold for a few weeks) so getting outside wasn’t too hard. My daughter enjoyed many walks with me, in her stroller, beside me and a few times, carrying her. This is super important to continue throughout the summer as well.

How did you do on your goals? Stay tuned this week for a few more success stories!

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